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Zeppelin Bend

Beautiful and secure is the Zeppelin Bend, an ideal knot to join ropes of similar diameter. It was originally used to join the mooring lines of big airships. Tested breaking strength: 47% of the breaking strength of the rope it is made with.

Bowline on the Bight

The bowline on the Bight is used to make a doubled eye in a rope without using the ends; however it can also be tied to a ring or other closed object using one end of the rope. Tested breaking strength: 51%. Also shown: The Portuguese Bowline.

Marlinspike Hitch

Use the Marlinspike Hitch for a strong pull on thin lines or whipping twines. It is quickly laid around a Marlinspike or any other suitable object, only holds under tension and is easily untied again.

Lashing Knot

Mastering this knot allows you to make fast with great tension to lash or secure an object or improvise a makeshift pulley to exert force without any implements. Shown is a method with a 3:1 and another with a 6:1 advantage.

Butterfly Knot

Best solution, when a fixed loop in the middle of a rope is required. The Butterfly also called Alpine Butterfly or Artillery Loop is an important and good looking knot, that allows the rope to take strain over its entire length and will impress when tied with a quick move in few seconds!


An extremely effective knot, the constrictor, similar to the Strangle Knot, works like a cable tie or hose clamp just stronger. It can compress any object, bind or lash things together with great force. To master both ways shown of making the Constrictor is to have the neatest and best solution for numerous knot requirements.