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Most do not even know. The global market leader for sailcloth is a German company called DIMENSION-POLYANT.

The firm from Kempen in the region of the lower Rhine is a longterm partner from sailing-films.com and we are really happy to show their portrait in our “Introduced:…” series.

Where are the sail clothes, “which mean our world” actually coming from and how are they produced…

The new Hanse 575 – Karl Dehler presents the yacht

We produced a film for the HanseYachts AG, in which Karl Dehler (Research and Development HanseYachts) presents the new Hanse 575.

The film is used worldwide to show the HanseYachts merchants the new features of the second biggest yacht in the portfolio of HanseYachts. A especially worth mentioning feature of the Hanse 575 is the integrated garage for the dinghy. 

We think, the video is not only interesting for merchants…

From the Model to the Original

Gisela and Helmut Scharbaum lived a normal, middle-class life until that magical Christmas Day.

A model yacht construction kit found its way under their tree. sailing-films.com visited them to find out more…

Sailing on dry land

The regatta simulator Virtual Skipper continues to grow in popularity. Thousands of sailing enthusiasts compete against each other online.

The online game Virtual Skipper is gaining more and more fans in the sailing community. 30,000 players from 70 countries sail on the Internet. The game manufacturer Nadeo registers more than 2000 connections each day. That’s a good enough reason to investigate what lies behind this level of participation. Even die-hard regatta sailors can improve their understanding of the rules. And when it comes to learning tactics, a few players can expect to have a really valuable experience. The Sailing-Films.com report gives an impression of what virtual sailing is all about.