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change of view

After five months in the city, it was about time to get back to nature and to a little more quiet place.
Pretty awesome warm and sunny first sail day of the year too. 
We made it through the winter!

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spring mood

It’s easy to see what people in these northern countries live for. For this wonderful transition from cold and darkness into a brighter and more colourful existence. The arrival of spring is now evident in everything around you. The trees are blooming, people are friendlier, the air is sweeter, the sun stays up for longer. Not much that could put you in a bad mood right now that’s for sure. It’s like a new beginning. Life starts all over again..
I’m wearing my beloved droplet earrings from We Dream In Colour which you also can find here. Now 30% off ladies!

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One of my five younger sisters came for a visit in New York last week. How wonderful to get such an extended time to spend together. Our favorite restaurant find of the week was Nizza on 9th Ave. A casual Italian that offer a complete gluten free menu: pizzas, pastas, breads, everything – perfectly suitable for my gluten intolerant sister. Another gem, Cho Dang Gol, the fourth Korean restaurant we approached in Koreatown. A warm, rustic place that at the time of our visit had approx. 90% Korean customers which probably says something about the authenticity of the food. Delicious and interesting either way.
Spring is finally here so we’ll def be back in the city very soon. Follow my Instagram for daily updates.

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soon time to go

video from when we sailed from Central America to Florida last summer 
Only a few weeks left till our first sail of the year… these five months have been the longest time I’ve ever been away from it. Since Alex and I met and he taught me how to sail some 4,5 years ago, that is. The climate in Spain where we lived before this trip is obviously milder and allows for playing on water all year around. And the years spent sailing traveling from the Mediterranean to West Coast of Africa and the Caribbean and South America was warm and gentle any day of the year too… it’s only here in North America that we have had to put a halt to our usual, ever moving, ever salty sailing lifestyle. 
It’s been a good winter in many aspects as we’ve got certain very important things done here on land. But it will be such a relief the day we can move out from this harbour and finally embrace that special exhilarating sense of freedom one can only ever feel by steering your own boat offshore…. We’re still not quite ready to leave the US completely, but a slightly new environment and a new destination is still on the horizon… 

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blue water

What a sunny day in Bristol looked like this weekend. If the weather keeps up like this, that mass of trees on the other side of Bristol Harbor will be turned green in just a few weeks. Missed being near a view like this..

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signs of spring

The epoxy is back! Almost missed that tart smell. This period must’ve been the longest in four and a half years that we’ve had those bottles and cans stowed away from sight. But certainly happy that the weather finally allows Alex to asses the small leaks and needs of repair that has accumulated over the winter. 
These hand carved dutchmen are being fitted into place where rotten wood was removed in the quarter berth underneath that mainsheet traveler. One leak fixed, many more to go…. The charm of living on a boat.

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go vego

From Stockholm across the Atlantic ocean to Boston harbour. A fresh delicate issue of Sweden’s most interesting new magazine. If you have to choose just one subscription this year, let it be something good as this one. Wish it was written in English so the whole world could take part of the goodness.
It is my wonderful, intelligent friend Sofia Dahlén that has created this magazine together with her writing/cooking partner Mattias Kristiansson. VEGO contains only vegan foods as the name reveals, and it’s packed with delicious, colourful meals, desserts and drinks, inspiring interviews, informative and educative articles and absolutely stunning photography. It’s pretty much a genius production in every sense of the word. 
I have many of my good, conscious, genuine, unselfish and very smart friends to thank for many things in my life. Just the fact that I finally last year decided to remove meat and dairy from my daily concoctions is one such important thing that i at last realized was the only right thing to do, and the woman behind this particular magazine was one of the ones who influenced me the most to take that positive step forward.

Look forward to trying some of these new recipes out here on the boat. Cauliflower pasta, carrot soup, broccoli patties, Indian lentil stew, red hot chili burgers with sweet potato wedges, coconut/toffee cupcakes… 

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alive again

Today it’s been raining like a monsoon storm hit the coast of New England, but two days ago, this is what went down over here… Alex’s first outdoor boat project in five months! Repairing around the bolts that hold the main sheet traveler, as the wood underneath had started to rot. 
Next up: checking other suspicious leaks and damages (many) caused by a long cold winter, and repairing all those, one by one. If only the rain could stop pouring down. That would make things a tad easier. If it’s not one thing, it’s always something else, non? 
Still very happy to get back to our “normal” live aboard life though after too many months in hibernation. Meaning, we are back to living full time on the boat again, and the warmer weather allows us to finally start living life like normal people, once again. Out of the dark, into the sun.
As you might know, we have stayed approx. 20% of our winter days and nights in the lovely little flat in Cambridge*, and the rest of the nights on the boat in this wonderful marina in Boston Harbor. But as spring is here and the coldest part of the season is behind us, we are again ready to spend 100% of our time in our floating home. Making her sail ready for the upcoming sailing season is now our first priority. 
I haven’t shared many photos or stories from the boat these past few months as it’s literally been too cold to shoot and write. I think I said somewhere earlier that we have had an average indoor temperature of 15˚C, but the truth is that many nights when outdoor temperature was far below zero Celsius, we couldn’t have had more than perhaps 7-8˚C (45˚F) in the cabin – as that is more or less when you start seeing your breath, which was the case many a night. 
I remember a night when I woke up around 3am, limbs frozen, teeth shaking, and I had to go to the bathroom. Of course, the hoses and toilet on the boat was all frozen firm. So in the pitch dark, with a howling snow storm outside, -15˚C, I had to dress my already over dressed body and head out to the marina facility’s restrooms outside. Half a mile from the boat. And I finally arrived after trudging through the snow on slippery icy wooden docks, but only to find out my frozen brain had forgotten the damn keys to the bathroom on the boat! 
It’s definitely been an interesting time, an odd change and experience in life if you will, and I’m somewhat surprised at how good we’ve managed with the conditions we had to deal with. But it only proves to me again that human beings are ever so adaptable. We all are much stronger than what we might think that we are. It’s really only the distractions and conveniences of our modern society and lifestyle’s that have made us think we need a certain level of comfort. But life really doesn’t have to be all easy and comfortable for us to survive. I think it is important and very healthy to sometimes step out of our comfort zones, literally speaking, in order to feel what life and real nature really feels like. How it was lived before we all got lazy and demanding.
Of course off shore sailing, riding through storms and living in the nature already gives you a sense of natural raw reality, but I’m also very glad we got this opportunity to feel how it is to live aboard in such low temperatures with all what it means. However cold and miserable it’s been at times. And even if this was considered one of the coldest winters in history (we def. picked the right one!), I know it can be much much worse. Will think about installing a shrink-wrap if we ever find ourselves in something worse than this though.
All experiences that doesn’t kill you, will not only give you valuable teachings and important life lessons, but it’ll also give you a bunch of good stories to tell. For all those I’ll always be very thankful.
*A massive thank you to Chris who let us stay in the apartment every now and then this past winter. You’ve been far too kind and hospitable and we owe you at least a week of sailing when you get back from your world trip next year! Let’s hope we’ll be somewhere much warmer by then :) All the best for you upcoming travels.

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Spring is in the air like never ever before so I felt I needed some sort of physical change from my regular pale and gloomy winter look and decided, with the easiest escape at hand, to dye my hair. Although the package clearly said Chocolate, the result pretty much ended up around the same reddish tone as the mahogany trim on the boat. Whatever. At least it hides my odd grey hairs very efficiently which is always a bonus. 

Wearing the lovely Nemi earrings which you can find here. Goes with any hair colour imho.

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what summer dreams are made of

Our friends in the middle of the crystal blue Mediterranean sea have a new wonderful yoga season coming up in their astonishing property and land on the northern coast of Mallorca. Their summer schedule is packed with inspiring workshops with talented and globally recognized yoga teachers from all over the world, just have a look at the ones that are booked right here
As a treat to our blog readers, Ashtanga Mallorca now offers you a 10% discount on your next retreat. 
Why don’t you make yourself and your life a favor and book your most fulfilling yoga experience yet? You can get the discount either through my shop on your next purchase, or directly with Ashtanga on their website. Don’t forget to tell them you’ve heard about them through our blog to receive your discount.

This is where it’d be….

Can’t think of another place on earth that I would rather be practicing yoga this summer…

I would especially like to participate in the classes with Danny Paradise in July, read more about him here.

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