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Hydroptère – The first offshore record?

Since the middle of July the Hydroptère crew around skipper Alain Thébault prepare for their attempt in Los Angeles to sail from California to Hawaii, of course in record time. The fastest sailing boat of the world was extensively modified for it. The “foils” were adapted for the expected seaway, because with the old “wings” the Hydroptère is quiet unstable with the right waves. There is the risk that she cuts through a wave and gets stuck with the bow or the beans in the wave.

The video shows current film sequences before the record attempt and gives a recap of the by now 30 years old story of the fastest sailing boat of the world.

The new Hanse 575 – Karl Dehler presents the yacht

We produced a film for the HanseYachts AG, in which Karl Dehler (Research and Development HanseYachts) presents the new Hanse 575.

The film is used worldwide to show the HanseYachts merchants the new features of the second biggest yacht in the portfolio of HanseYachts. A especially worth mentioning feature of the Hanse 575 is the integrated garage for the dinghy. 

We think, the video is not only interesting for merchants…

European Yacht Of The Year – Trailer

For the past two years, we’ve been there at the tests for the “European Yacht of the Year“ award. Europe’s 11 leading sailing magazines are on the jury. For the 2009 official prize-giving ceremony, we produced a teaser film that you can’t see anywhere but here. Enjoy…

Open 40 Fjord

Actually as sailors we’re not allowed anywhere near it… ;-)
But we find the boat simply consistent and think that our film is too.