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Rolling Hitch

This is an extremely useful knot. The rolling hitch secures a rope, which can then still be adjusted in length, but it can also be fastened to a taut rope, pipe or similar object, in order to exert or take parallel loads, because it locks into position and does not slip. See also: Icicle Hitch

Anchor Hitch

A very secure and traditional knot to fasten a line tightly to an object. Also called the Fisherman’s Bend, the Anchor Hitch has a high breaking strength of approximately 68% of the breaking strength of the line it is made with.

Figure Eight

In thicker rope the figure eight serves as a stopper to prevent a rope running out through a block or fairlead. The video also shows a method for tying off parcels and other objects using a Figure Eight.

Clove Hitch

Quickly fasten a rope to an object and adjust its length using a Clove Hitch. It can be made with or without a rope end.


This is the universal knot to make an eye that will not slip or come loose and that is easy to untie even after high loads. It is important to master the bowline from any direction, also shown are different tying methods. Tested breaking strength: 55%

Reef Knot

Use the reef knot, also called Square knot, around one or more objects as a binding knot only. It is not meant to take any strain from the rope ends or to join two ropes together, because it then easily spills and comes undone. For more binding strength see: Constrictor