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Butterfly Knot

Best solution, when a fixed loop in the middle of a rope is required. The Butterfly also called Alpine Butterfly or Artillery Loop is an important and good looking knot, that allows the rope to take strain over its entire length and will impress when tied with a quick move in few seconds!


An extremely effective knot, the constrictor, similar to the Strangle Knot, works like a cable tie or hose clamp just stronger. It can compress any object, bind or lash things together with great force. To master both ways shown of making the Constrictor is to have the neatest and best solution for numerous knot requirements.

Double Sheet Bend

Used to join two ropes of unequal thickness or composition. The thinner rope always forms the two turns around the bight of the thicker rope. Both ends should always finish up on the same side of the knot.

Sheet Bend

Used to join two ropes of similar thickness and composition. The rope ends must be at the same side of the knot. A practical knot for many occasions, but unsafe with very slippery lines under high load. Tested breaking strength: 47% See also: Zeppelin Bend.

Scaffold Knot

A safety knot that forms an eye that pulls tight. Suitable for harnesses, bosun’s chairs or lifelines This extremely reliable knot attaches firmly to a karabiner or shackle making them easier and faster to handle. Also shown: A very secure method of joining two ropes or making loops with two Scaffold Knots. Very high tested breaking strength: 75%

Double Figure Eight

Use the Double Figure Eight knot when a high level of safety is required. The Double Figure Eight creates an eye that will not tighten or become untied, even when subject to repeated changes in load. It is suitable as a safety knot on harnesses, bosun’s chairs or lifelines. Breaking strength: 58%