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Eye / Thimble Splice in Double-Braid Rope

This is where we start to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many have surrendered before this splice. Further it is frequently done in an abbreviated, simplified version, which is less resilient. Not so here! Tested breaking strength: 100% of the breaking strength of the rope.

Eye / Thimble Splice

Learn to splice laid rope correctly and furnish warps, fender lines or buoy strops with neat eyes or thimbles. Shown are two different methods to finish the splice expertly with a taper. Tested breaking strength: 95% of the breaking strength of the rope.

Casting, Belaying, Hauling

How to throw a mooring line to the jetty, simply and effectively (and without all the line falling into the water). How to belay to a cleat correctly. How to tension a line to a cleat or attachment point effectively.

Finishing a Coil – Three Variations

This video shows three methods of securing coiled rope –  the sailor’s way, the climber’s way and a simple method to hang the coil quickly with a bight over a pin or hook.

Coiling braided rope

Ever had to fight a tangled coil of braided rope full of kinks? It’s important to coil braided rope correctly so it can run free. Two methods are shown here. They are also suitable for wire, cable or hoses.

Coiling laid rope

Three-strand rope is usually right-laid, it has a Z-lay and must be coiled clockwise. Four-strand rope is left-laid, it has an S-lay and must be coiled counter clockwise. Always apply a little twist with each turn against the lay.